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Hermanus, Hemel een Aarde

So here is my SAD story.

My mother-in-law and father-in law, both in their mid 80's had a landline (and two additional phones) and it was taken away from them and now he/ (Piet) keeps telling me that they are operating on "Wi-Fi". (I honestly don't think he has a clue what that is) They used to have three (3) phones, now they're just down to one.


All of that would be manageable, BUT ... I am in California, a mere 36 flying hours around the globe away !!! I do want so to help them ... but it's what it is. 


To all of you Telkom friends: (hopefully some in Hermanus with local knowledge) what all this sudden Wi-Fi about? Are they truly operating all phone systems via Wi-Fi and have basically gotten rid of most/all landlines? (Copper Theft)  And ... can't I purchase one two or ten more Wi-Fi phones for them? 


We are planning on flying to visit my in laws in April and I just want to be prepared a bit better than I feel right now. 

Does anyone here have some insight? 


Thank you one and all, Happy New Year and I apprciate any help we can get. 



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