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Is it possible to cancel a fixed line??? :(

I have been trying to cancel a fixed line from end of January 2018. I have send countless emails, and also tried to do this online and even created disputes. It doesnt help to phone or email them, you are promised they will sort out issues, but i still cannot cancel my line. 

The telkom shop in Potchefstroom has moved to new premises, but the website still indicate the old adres & contact details. No need to phone the local number given, you are holding on for ages!

I will never make use of Telkom again, it is just a frustration


So does anyone have any idea what to do to have a fixed line cancelled, because telkom does not have any idea to do this!!!!!!

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Re: Is it possible to cancel a fixed line??? :(

Hi @JV_Potch


You’re not alone - very difficult & frustrating & many reporting the same issues. Wish we could help but we’re customers in the forum (there are no Telkom support agents here)


Telkom phased out the email method a while back - it was replaced in May 18 by the online facility.  I understand Infinite patience is needed but apparently the process does work -  more info here  :-



Telkom customer portal login :- 


Click on Manage My Accounts,  scroll all the way down the page until you see account detail, service etc, , then scroll far right to “ cancel your services”.   Complete the form & upload the required docs , then they send you a formal case ref for follow up.


“ If you wish to have any credit balance refunded to you once you receive your final bill, please log a dispute with Telkom
Billing on 10210. “


Then if necessary call 10210 to log an accounts dispute ( early 8 am best)  and/or message an urgent complaint with your details & previous case refs to a Telkom media team for decent feedback & results:- 


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Then you have everything in writing if you need to take this further later ... hopefully it won't come to that.

Hope this helps, good luck - please let us know what happens.


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