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Issue with moving my number to a new address

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I went to the live chat with my issue but was told that this is a sales issue and was given a number to call but no one answers. The issue is I filled in the document for the moving of my phone number to my new address on the 10 July 2018 (Reference is: 0118240258). One of the technical guys came through to sort out moving my number last week Friday (2018 07 20) and it was said that there was some issue with the line / cable so he said that he would need to advise the cable division of the "damaged / not working line" who will contact me to sort that out and then once that is done the moving of my number can be sorted out. I have sent numerous emails but no one is getting back to me at all .Please can someone from the sales or technical team who deals with this look into this and get back to me URGANTLY on sorting this out ASAP as I filled in the document on the 10th July and now it is the 26th July and still my line has not been moved. This is now urgent. Kind regards Mr Klopper

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