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Loud beep on connect

I ported recently to Telkom and very happy so far. Great service from the people at Northgate (next to PnP -- highly recommended!)


My only complaint, and I noticed this before on calling some people, is the LOUD triple beep that almost bursts your eardrum when connecting to my phone (e.g. when I'm calling from my partner's phone).


I realise this has to do with porting, so that people know that they are not connecting to the provider indicated by the prefix (082=Voda, 083=MTN etc.) but...




it is hella LOUD and piercing. Surely we can come up with something else, like a voice saying "Connecting to Telkom" or "Connecting to other provider".


I have hearing issues and this is seriously harming my quality of life.

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Re: Loud beep on connect

Hi @jonpienaar


Great to see your ’ happy with Telkom service so far ’ post in this forum  -  kudos to Northgate Telkom !


Yes the 3 beeps warn that calls are subject to charges if the ported number is no longer on their network tariff ( free calls. etc ).


Sorry to hear how they affect you, but the ported beeps are apparently mandatory across all networks( ICASA regulation) so that people don’t get massive bill shocks .


My answer’s not much ‘beeping’ help -  doubt they’ll ever change the 'FFS' piercing beeps, but perhaps you could at least tone them down a bit by reducing your phone volume or calling on speaker ?

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