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Mobile Talk - Contract Cancellation Options



I was talked under false pretences, into a LTE Contract.  I was under the impression that Mobile Talk represented Telkom .  I was also told by Mobile Talk that they are contracted out by Telkom.  A lady by the name of Raheesha, she gave me her employee number as being 11141 and reference ig2020.  She offered me the deal on the 19th April 2018, I insisted i wanted uncap, like i have with my ADSL and she insured me it was, and that Telkom would come install it, I am not technical inclined after all. 


The Huawei router and Telkom Sim card was delivered around the 23rd April 2018.  I waited a week for Telkom to come out, but no one came.  I phone Mobile Talk to be told that I must get someone to install it in for me.  When I finally got someone to do it for me, after a couple of days we realized i didn't get uncapped as promised. 


I phoned Mobile Talk again to be told to phone Telkom and tell them that the package was declined, and that Telkom must check what they are billing me for.  When i phoned Telkom, I get told to phone Mobile Talk, the deal doesn’t even reflect on their systems.  No one wanted to help me return the Huawei router. So if I didn't get what I was promised isn't that a breach of contract?    Then I was told by Mobile Talk I had to wait for the cooling off period and then i can change my contract.  But I don’t want anything to do with Mobile Talk because they can't provide the service i want. 


For the past 3 months every time i phone Mobile Talk they are offline. I have even been in Telkom stores asking for help, but they just give me their phone to phone Telkom direct.  Telkom stores can't take back the router because they aren't distributors.  It is now the 04th October 2018 and after calling again and Mobile Talk being offline, Silindile tells me to send an email to support@mobiletalk.co.za, I have now threatened to go to the National Consumer Commission.  What else do i do? How can I make Mobile Talk collect the Huawei that has just been gathering dust?

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