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Mobile Talk - Trying my utmost to get my Contract Cancelled and move to PrePaid

I have been corresponding with Telkom Mobile since the 11th of September. I tried to cancel my contract which expired on the 5th of November since the 11th of September and have been sending the cancellation form through since then every couple of weeks.  How on earth is it at all possible that by the 9th of November and after 10 calls since the 5th I still can not get the contract cancelled!!??  I want to know who is so incompetent at Telkom cancellations that I have to struggle and fight this way?  I will start taking this matter now to ALL social media platforms and tell them exactly how I was treated and mislead and kept hanging on the line by Telkom.  What more do I have to do to get this contract cancelled and switched to pre paid!?  I paid the outstanding amount for November already. I now have a -R18 credit with you.  I want this letter to be sent to whomever is in charge of cancellations and hopefully something will happen soon.  Francke Blignaut

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