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Mobile bill desaster

I have ordred a Iphone 8 plus with monthly instalment of R899 End Nov 2017. The Telkom Lady said that they have to do a debit order from my account before I will receive my handset. They took the R899 and after I had to phone them twice I only recived it mid Dec 2017. They where supposed to do the 1st debit order 10 Febuary 2018 seeing that the first R899 I paid was to cover my first instalment. My debit order never went off so I checked with the online bill and my bill was alteady sitting on R1798. I phoned and inquired and was informed that the first debit order only shows after 2 to 3 months. The telkom lady could not explain why they did not debit my account. She also only then informed me that I'm supposed to pay pro rata for Dec (when I ordred the phone they said 1st payment deducted immediatly for Jan 2018 and first debit after 10 Feb 2018)


Then I received a phone call for a Lady in Cape Town claiming that telkom is trying to deduct R1798 from her bank account for my Mobile account.

Loged in again and Telkom charged me over R200 for debit order returned. Between me and the Lady,we made several phone calls, online chats and e-mails and fault reports to sort this out. After many attempts I finaly got the Standard bank account details off my profile, Telkom again could not explain why on earth they had that banking details. By then my account was sitting on close to R3000. Telkom promised to take off the debit order return fees and correct my account, and only take R1798 of my bank account on 10 March, again nothing happened. Then I discovred they have alocated the 1st R899 on my home telephone  account witch was cancelled and sitting now in a credit for R490.29 .


I do a bill inquiry almost every week and recive a case number but I never hear from Telkom. I refuse to waist my time calling  them again, the online chat people is useless, they won't help me and none off the e-mails I have for Telkom work anymore.


They don't even bother to  try and debit my account, and they don't even try and bother to phone me because my account is in arears.


My account is now sitting on R4673.58 wich is unacceptable and i will not make any attempt to pay my account untill they have fixed it.


Jan+Feb+March equal R2697 less the R429.29 my home bill is in credit that they can apply to my mobile account. total outstanding R2206.71  I will start paying this account as soon as that is the amount reflecting on my account. I will not be held resposible for the debit order returned amount or any intrest that they added on overdue amounts.


I don't know what to do anymore I have tried every single available chanel to me to try and correct their mistake but nothing gets done


Mobile account number Acc No. 336528798 and my house account number Acc No. 336172290


Can someone please do something



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Re: Mobile bill desaster

I have the same problem. Get a new case nun every week and no feedback. The agent she me when that case nun was given. They can see but ironically they can't see the date. So what happens next ? U wait another week and follow the same routine week after week. It can go on n on. Pathetic honestly
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