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No Help or Service from Telkom

Good Day


I do not know what to do anymore.  Signed up for adsl home with telkom.  New line etc.  Order Number 245162277A. Been waiting for over a month now, and still nobody comes back to you regarding to when it will be installed.  Call centre permantly offline when you phone.  Can somebody please help or must I just rather cancel everything.

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Re: No Help or Service from Telkom

Why don't you explore options from Vodacom, CellC or MTN/Afrihost instead?  Ever since a few weeks ago all those executives jumped ship Telkom is freefalling in service, badly.  Unless you enjoy KFC and screaming, look somewhere else.

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Re: No Help or Service from Telkom

Hi @ChantelBooyens


Sorry to see this happening  to you. The lack of co-ordination between Telkom service depts is way beyond frustrating .

Forum members are Telkom customers & we can’t help much with service issues ( no Telkom support agents here).


An urgent complaint to below Telkom support channels usually gets escalation & results. Include your contract details, dates, order number, related refs & case numbers.


message to :

Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza

& email to:   support@telkom.co.za ( our connection was fixed after that)


Hope this helps - good luck, please let us know what happens.

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