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No landline, no communication, poor service

We have been trying to sort out my Aunts landline since last year. Its 011 854-3241. The people that come out says they cannot fix the line due to a double story thats behind there house. This has been going on since last year December and we where told to migrate to wireless. We called and put our and requested this still nothing. I called the 081 362-9447 a guy said last week he will call me  and who said we need to change to the wireless phones still waiting and when I call this number again it rings all the time. I have reported the fault  again and again still nothing. This service is poor and I need it resolved asap. My number is 083 451-4995. So if you decide to call me call this cell number its a matter of urgency as she has no way of communicating to any one. Really  

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