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Oh God Someone Stole My Line

Hi, my wifi went dead last week wednesday 04/10/2017. I recieved a sms message of "power outage" and I replied "Yes". They message read, my fault would be resolved within 2 days. I called on Saturday 07/10/2017, spoke to Gugu, who then escalated my fault to the technical department, she said my undergorund line has be stolen. Guys, today is the 14/10/2017, surely you have an SLA in place with your suppliers/service providers or whomever, surely you have turn around times in place to resolve such issues. This is the 2nd weekend now, that I am sitting without Wifi, all my nieghbours Wifi work except mine. My kid also had to spend his school holiday without Wifi. I tried calling 5 times yesterday 12/10/2017, just rang and rang and rang, background music went on for forever. Please guys give me an update. Where is my cable, are you still digging the tunnel??. Clearly not impressed as a new customer.

Posts: 2

Re: Oh God Someone Stole My Line

I called yesterday, and was told by the consultant, she will email the Technical Department and check on the status of my new line that was to be ordered. I was told she will either sms me or send me an email this morning. I received nothing. Please guys, I dont want badges or rankings, I need my line sorted asap....Please!!!!

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