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Online Orders and waiting for feedback

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If you have placed an order online via our website and have a ticket number, and are now waiting for feedback, you can call 10213 Option 3 and punch in the promotional code 4562#. This will direct you to an agent dealing with online orders.


call 10213 Option 3 and punch in the promotional code 4562#



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Re: Online Orders and waiting for feedback

I have an online order with no feedback. I don't have a ticket number or a reference number. I phoned 10213 and waited for 3/4 of a hour with no answer before a had to hang up last week Friday. The deal was confirmed the week before last week Thursday, but I have not received my phone. My account was deducted with R449 last week Tuesday without my permission. I don't even have an email to prove any of this. I have an existing account with Telkom and this will be an additional line. In the mean time I am on "pay-as-you-go" on Cell-C and it's costing me an arm-and-a-leg. PLEASE assist?

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Re: Online Orders and waiting for feedback

 PLEASE HELP!!I am really disappointed at my service from Telkom online. I have ordered the Febraury deal for 30gig R199.00 on the 20th February. I have went in to the store to find out when I am receiving my package and refused to be helped because it is online. I have chatted to an agent online who told me to call customer care service which I did and was told they cannot assist me because there is nothing on the system and that I should contact the number to contact me but it was 012 688xxxx. I do not know the number to call. I have received a message with a receive number but the lady who assisted me says the reference number won't help since it is not on the system. I need to know when am I receiving my package and where my application went too. Reference no. TST162073.

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