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PnP won't Rica Telkom SIM

I bought a R1 prepaid SIM at Pick 'n Pay. They said they could not RICA it for me. There was no place at that mall that could do it. I drove to a different mall. The PnP there could not RICA it for me either.


I had to go to CNA where they looked at me strangely but did RICA the SIM for me.


What a waste of time.

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Re: PnP won't Rica Telkom SIM

One more thing. Don't even try to suggest going to a Telkom store. The queue was almost out the door and hadn't moved when I walked past 15 minutes later.

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Re: PnP won't Rica Telkom SIM

[ Edited ]

Don't know if it works for RICA, but I needed to do a SIM swop and I went to Checkers to get a SIM. I logged on to the Telkom live chat and they did the SIM swop almost immediately after calling me and verifying my personal information.


Wonder if RICA can be done using the live chat? http://www.telkom.co.za/today/help/personal/talk-to-us-anchor/#start-chat

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