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Slow Fibre Speed, No Service

I've had a 10MB fibre line for 6 months. The speeds fluctuate and are rarely stable, especially at night when the download speed drops to less than 1MB. It can take more than 60 seconds to open Google and a couple of minutes to open the Telkom website.


Ive called in for support, logged faults and begged and pleaded for help but the support structure is terrible. The technicians keep telling me that everything is fine and that its not possible to get low speeds, despite my showing them the screenshots of the speed tests.


They're not prepared to swop the hardware that they supplied. Basically I must pay for a 10MB line but be satisfied with one tenth of the speed.


The Telkom managers never keep return calls when they promise to and the sales people only care about the sale.


As unstable as Telkom's ADSL is, the fibre experience is worse. The problem is that they don't care, as long as my account is paid on time. 


Where to from here other than cancel the contract?!

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Re: Slow Fibre Speed, No Service

Hi. Was your issue resolved? I am just worried since we are getting 20Mbps fibre and these issues are worrying me. Is it 1Mbps or 1MB/s you are getting?

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Re: Slow Fibre Speed, No Service

We also have a 10MBps line and since we often work from home the internet can be so slow we have to switch to phone data to send emails. It's up and down constantly and never works long term. Many calls and fault logging has them restart the router and it's back up for an hour or so. We are seriously considering cancelling our contract and switching to LTE but were told that we'll be charged a cancellation fee and the amount of said fee will only be told to us after we cancel !?! How on earth? Has anyone successfully cancelled?

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