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Switching to Telkom Fibre - An amazing journey !



I was signed up for switching from ADSL  to telkom fibre in March/April this year  by a Telkom employee who pitched up at my home one evening. Promise was that Telkom would contact me within a few weeks and plan to do the switch. Months later in August another Telkom employee/agent pitches up at my gate enquiring if I wanted to sign on for Telkom fibre. I informed her I had already signed up and was waiting for months for the switch over. She leaves. 


Again, months go by. In Ocober , and yes no surprise another employee agent arrives at my  gate and  enquires if I wanted to sign up for fibre. But I have done this I tell her and have been waiting since March/April. There was a problem she advises me. The previous sign ups were not valid as the fibre installation in my area was only recently completed , and I have to sign up again. Ok..., I say, and do the necessary with he forms again. In November, no prizes for guessing, yes another employee is as my gate for you know what. I look for the Candid Camera but it seems to be well hidden.... She checks my previous application form - yes she knows the person who resigned me, and she will follow up.  


The stage and props change - I now get a call from Telkom in late November, but alas .. the script remains the same. Would I be interested to sign up for fibre ? Perhaps this is the telephone version of Candid Camera ? Out of desperation I go through the process. A day or so later I get a SMS informing me my registration has been processed and I wil be contacted shortly - fibre at last, I think ! 


A day or so later my telkom e-mail and my landline mysteriously  stop working - what is going on ?  I wait - perhaps this is  part of the fibre switch over process ? I call the helplime  - yes my e-mail account was deactivated as part of the process - it gets reactivated and my e-mail history HAS VANISHED !!! I call again - to my horror I am told,  I cannot retrieve the e-mails. Why was I not informed that my account would be decativated  without informing me and that  I needed to archive my e-mails in advance ?  .... I should have asked that question when I signed up, comes the answer... how silly of me, I think to myself. 


I get called , Telkom is ready to install fibre, and unless I agree to do so the next day, my order will be cancelled.  I am battered and bruised by now, so  I agree. The technician arrives to install fibre !   - progress at last but, alas, there is a problem -  you need the new password . I shoud have asked when I signed up, I asume. He leaves.  I call helpline , get the new password and technician is back. Fibre is installed but again there is a problem , the password is not working I am told. Ask for a new password he tells me,  and he leaves me with no fibre and ADSL.  I call helpline, they cannot help as my order shows up on the system as pending  . Pending... what does this mean ? Call the sales desk I am told. I call the sales line. Yes order is pending, but all is in order - wait 24 hours and line will be synced and all will be good. Why did the technician not know I ask?  That is another department I am told, so my question cannot be answered.  24 hrs later, I complete the instllation myself and I AM ON FIBRE........minus years of stored e-mails, personal records gone forever.... 


A true story. 

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Re: Switching to Telkom Fibre - An amazing journey !

Yet another reason why I encourage all my clientelle to either get Gmail or register a domain & handle their own email accounts.

Have just recently weaned (1-2months) a few off Telkom email after years of usage & onto their new emails with all contacts knowing new email to use.

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