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Telkom Mobilevis the worst Mobile Network Service in South Africa

Dear Telkom Mobile

Your company is robbing people in broad daylight, month after month.
I have been a client of yours for the past 5 years and your service has only deteriorated over the years.

I have numerous complaints and unpleasant experiences with Telkom Mobile which I have never competently been assisted with and is still nowhere close to being resolved.

Customer Complaints:

• Telkom Mobile has been debiting more than what was due on my contract.
• Telkom Mobile suspended my service for non payment, when the payment was indeed debited from my account.
• It has taken Telkom Mobile more than 1 month to unsuspend my account and up until now its still suspended.
• I have a Free me 2GB deal for R704.82 , my account is being debited with R900+ for unsolicited charges monthly.
• During the time my account has been suspended (in which I have been unable to use my phone), Telkom mobile has billed my account for additional data which I have not purchased and could not purchase , as my service was suspended.
• Telkom Mobile service agents are useless and incompetent, as I have never been contacted when promised, none of my queries have been resolved and I am still awaiting feedback from a query I logged 7 days ago.
• There is an additional fee of R202.70 on my statement named "account subscriptions and once-off charges" which is suppose to be charged in the first month and as a once off paymemt.
• 6 months into my contract I am still being billed for account subscriptions and once off charges.
• Telkom mobiles instore service serves no purpose but to supply contracts to the public yet is unable to assist clients with any queries. Clients are advised to contact the call centre which then takes 25min and more to get through to a service agent.
• The level of competent service agents at Telkom Mobile is poor, as all the agents I have dealt with are taught a script which is focused on apologizing to clients but is never able to resolve matters and pushes clients from one agent to another.

My most recent query was logged last week Wednesday, tomorrow will be the 7th day in which my queries was suppose to be escalated and resolved. I can almost guarentee that my query will not be resolved. Ref no : 26307673 the agent I dealt with is Faith Ngobeni.

TELKOM MOBILE IS THE WORST MOBILE NETWORK SERVICE PROVIDER IN SOUTH AFRICA and I would never recommend their services to anyone.


As a client your service has been pathetic and I've only ever had bad experiences. I will be awaiting feedback to my queries and complaints. Hopefully this will encourage Telkom Mobile to better their service and sort out their client complaints and matters.

I am awaiting feedback for my queries and am expecting ALL my matters to be resolved.

Sadly disappointed client,

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Re: Telkom Mobilevis the worst Mobile Network Service in South Africa

And today again no network service!

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