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Telkom Vodacom Roaming

One of my friends told me he has a LTE contract with Telkom and have been using it for about 2 months.

So just to be sure, since i am pretty sure we do not have any Telkom towers in Upington, i bought a Telkom prepaid SIM to test. And to my surprise i have LTE speeds. Pretty sure this is all thanks to the Telkom and Vodacom roaming deal.

I then proceed to order a LTE contract just like my friend, who stays walking distance from me.

Order get approved, but then 2 weeks later after not hearing anything i phone only to be told that the order has been suspended due to lack of coverage....

No matter how i try to convince them that i have a Telkom SIM and have LTE coverage, nothing.

Not sure how my friend got a contract...

So now I am looking at buying a SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid on said Telkom SIM, but before that i would like to know if that would work considering, i presume, i only have Telkom coverage due to said Telkom Vodacom roaming deal.

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