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Telkom is a data thief

I am extremely angry with Telkom.

Fourways Crossing never answers their telephone.

I cancelled my subscription on 11 Oct 2017 at 11:17, I dropped all devices off at the store.


The lady to phoned me was extremely rude and I have a recording of the conversation.


I am cancelling because 20GB is not lasting me a month.  I subscribed 3 months ago.  The first month it lasted less than 5 days, the second month it lasted 12 days.  On the 2nd of October 4.3GB was used and no one was connected.


I do not trust telkom and I was going to port 4 numbers but due to this I am telling the world to stay far away from Telkom.


My account for this month is R2040, for what.  I gave back everything and I never used anything.  I believe they have unethical practises and do not want to be hooked in for 2 years.  This needs to be escalated and I need someone to assist me.  I am trying to resolve this matter and get out urgently and I will not pay for non useage.


Please help.



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