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Telkom landline will not receive calls from Telkom mobile

After applying for ADSL telkom migrated our number from Fixed look alike (wireless) to copper landline so that we could have the ADSL. The ADSL is working alright but calls from Telkom mobile still search for the wireless system that is already dead. What I mean is that the number which is now landline will receive all calls but not from telkom mobile.  For the last two months I have  made calls to telkom business with no help, only repeated fault logging and promise that they will call back and they don't. They also try to blame anything else apart from themselves. From telkom mobile they adviced me to talk to the routing (department ?) of telkom landline but I do not know how to get to them. Telkom mobile says that the problem is incomplete rerouting of calls; that telkom landline, while migrating our number from wireless to landline, did not reroute the telkom mobile calls. Please how would one make telkom understand this?

Posts: 2

Re: Telkom landline will not receive calls from Telkom mobile (solved)

Finally, after many battles with the call centre and people at telkom shop my problem is solved. I went to telkom shop and after insisting that I am not ready to start anew with the same fault logging process and same suggestions that they have done before they adviced that I make another call to call centre and ask for the manager. I insisted that they have to call the manager themselves and when they get them pass me the line. They did so. The manager listened to the story and promised to send a technician, and even got a ref number. Six days later the technician comes. His first suggestion is that we have to change the handset but he could not tell why the same handset was receiving calls from mtn, vodacom, cell and all landlines but not telkom mobile. After testing and understanding what was happening, he made a call and after few minutes the problem was solved. They said that they had not migrated the 'platform'. I am happy that the problem is finally solved. Unhappy that I had to make noise all over before anyone could listen and understand the problem. They kept on saying that there was no problem with the line acccording to their system and that  what I was describing was impossible.

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