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The worst service to date!!!!!! Telkom Cannot track my order

On the 6th December I applied for phone contract which was pre approved, on the 9th I received an sms giving me a tracking number. on the 11th the debit order when thought and then silence.


So me thinking I should have received my device by now as the sms with the tracking number said 3-5 working days decide to check with courierit,(the courier stated on the sms with the tracking number), when delivery will take place was surprised to learn that the courier did not have a record of my delivery. So i decided to call Telkom Sales department and gave them the tracking number but even they did not have it. So Ntombifuthi ( the agent from Telkom) asked for my ID number and told me that everything was in order but the device is with home delivery and is still to be taken to the courier.


So I ask when then that will happen and to my shocking surprise Telkom is unable to tell me or give me the number for home delivery to check. Now im left in the dark, no device, no where to know when i will be receiving it, money has be taken by telkom, but they are not delivering.


I am very irritated by the lack of transparency!!!! 

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Re: The worst service to date!!!!!! Telkom Cannot track my order

I had the very same experience, applied online, the application was approved, the debit went thru, checked my bank account and the money was taken off, then silence. Nothing therafter, not even an SMS.


I had to call the call centres, often waiting up to 25 min before being answered. From one call centre to another.


Still havent recieved any phone. 3 WEEKS LATER !!!!


This is unacceptable, how can the money  be taken but no phone be delivered. This is my second post  here as a reply to someone on this Forum with exactly the same issue. Next time i will take my business elsewhere.

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