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Unethical business practice

I took out a telkom contract in March 2019.


Free me 1 gig contract with 10 g for 6 months as an extra.  For mwe this menat 11 gig free for the next 6 months


Today i go called to say that i have exceeded my R2000.00 spend limit.


I did not ask for R2000.00 spend limit.  the salesperson at the canal walk store inserted 1 digit too many.


When i enquired from the N1 City store the sales person started interrogating aobut my internet surfing habits in an accusatory tone.  I then speak to somebody else who understands my predicament.  So Ii thought.  he logs a call .  At least Kudos to gavin at N1 city store.  He tried to help.


I get homee and after almost Four hours on the phone, somebody by the name of Xolile,  after i do the calculation for them,  tells me that i was only allocated 5 gig + 1 gig free, instead of a total of 11G.


I then say my usage was 12,7 gig so I will only pay for 1.7 gig asTelkon did not do the proper allocation over  the last three months and  I am not paying R1998 for data however will pay for the 1.7 gig.


She then tells me that i cannot receive a credit as I used my spend limit.


I am not sure what spend limit has go to do with this.  They short-changed me for 5 Gigs and now expect for me to pay for this.


Ombudsman contact detail anybody....

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