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Worst Service ever Experienced!!!!!!!!

I was called by Telkom sales consultant to updgrade my service. After repeating the number which I wanted upgraded, and asking the consultant (ADAR) to repeat the number to me, which he did.  He still upgraded the incorrect number. I logged a call with the Customer Service on the 01/12/2017, spoke to Anastatia (Ref: 21982065 ). I called back on numerous occassions to enquire about the progress of the query, only to be told that nothing would happen until the turn around time which is 72hrs. Well it is now 80hrs, I called Customer Services this morning and was told the query has not been resolved as it was only given to the backoffice on the 12/12/2017 and I should wait till Monday to see if it is resolved.


I am furious at the Service, This was no fault of mine.  I specifically told the Consultant which number I wanted upgrated. And now I have to wait for 15 days for this to be resolved. Telkom is quick to suspend accounts when payments are not paid. However we need to wait patiently for queries to be resolved.


I hope this can be resolved as a matter of urgency.

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Re: Worst Service ever Experienced!!!!!!!!

At least you got some service. I've been trying the last 5 months and am still waiting for someone to do their job and assist. you are right. Telkom is the worst ever when it comes to service.


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