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contact telkom from overseas

Hi all


I have moved overseas this month and had sent my cancellation request for the landline in January - unfortunately it hasn't been processed yet. New tenants are moving in the flat and I am worried that I will be charged for their calls! I have tried to find a number to call telkom from overseas to follow-up but no luck. Does anyone know if there is a number that can be used abroad. Or any other  ideas/suggestions?





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Re: contact telkom from overseas

hi @erofili have you tried contacting them via www.telkomhttps://www.telkom.co.za/today/help/personal/talk-to-us-anchor/

toward the bottom of the page, there are options to chat or email Telkom. I also searched the community and one result was found. read the solution.


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Re: contact telkom from overseas

Thank you! The number suggested in the other post works - too late to call them tonight but I will first thing tomorrow morning!

All the best


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Re: contact telkom from overseas

I have the same problem


but Telkom does not respond.


I only received an email form Gumede telling me that the notification was received and i had to confirm


I have never heard anything from them even after i done multiple follow-ups


I just received a bill - and i am not going to be held responsible for the additional costs 

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Re: contact telkom from overseas

I have the same problem:


I canceled my line Last year December and got emails from Telkom asking for a confirmation, I confirmed and waited for a response but there was nothing. I followed up with one of the employees, on their email., I received no response. I am no getting a bill that suggests that the line is still active. I am not going to take any responsibility for paying a bill I clearly did everything in my power (sending all the required documents and taking time to make international calls) just to make this process smooth. Can someone please help me with this before it gets out of hand.

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