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Hi, Im a small female entrepreneur and one of my 3 business cellphone lines has been suspended out of the blue, and I am afraid Telkom will try to suspend my other lines just to force me to pay when I have been disputing irregular billing and no one (after 10 different case numbers and phone calls logged over a period of 2 months) no one solved my issues and no one responded to all my requests: no follow-up, no communication was made, Telkom just cut one of my business phone: absolutely disgusting. I am pretty sure that under the Consumer Protection Act these practices are not even allowed, it is literally what mafia groups do to normal people in real life, they strong-arm their loyal customers by forcing them to pay and then, sort out the issue 10 months later by giving a billing credit. I am sorry but I cannot buy food or clothes or anything else with Telkom credits, I protect my money and I want to pay what I owe and not one more cent because the service is already a total disaster.



  • I had two FreeMe 99 rands 1Gb/month - month to month subscriptions since May 2018 ( 2 phone numbers under my name )
  • In September 2018 I had to get back to Telkom to address the fact that debit orders were not getting deducted from my bank account for August and September 2018 (i kept reference of the phone calls and emails sent to me for future reference)
  • When I contacted Telkom to query the above I was told that:
      • Telkom was sending me the incorrect monthly statements which was showing 0 rands due (thus me calling to understand why - proof of the wrong monthly statement received and kept for future reference)



  • Telkom created 3 accounts instead of 1 account - I am just one customer: how is that even possible ???
      • The incorrect monthly statements which I was receiving were showing zero balance which is the reason why I phoned Telkom as I did not see the debit orders going off my bank account - (debit orders that never happened which is the reason why I have double penalty fees that are totally unjustified because Telkom failed at issuing me with a correct monthly statement: it is a breach of the point 6.4.1 of the Mobile Subscriber Standard Terms & Conditions from TELKOM side)
      • The two other accounts created by mistake by Telkom were receiving monthly statements that were sent to an incorrect email address that I had no access to. According to the Telkom agent, these monthly statements that were sent to the wrong email address were reflecting payment penalties accumulated over 2 months on 2 accounts that had no reason to exist since I am just one customer. (totally unjustified duplicated penalty fees)
  • Legally speaking, by not providing or by providing the wrong monthly statements, Telkom is the only one breaching the Mobile Subscriber Standard Terms & Conditions, and for that reason I absolutely refuse to be liable for penalty fees that are not the consequences of my own negligence, but the consequences of TELKOM negligence.


“6.4 Billing

6.4.1 Telkom must provide the Subscriber on a monthly basis, with a computerized Monthly invoice, which constitutes a VAT invoice and/or Sales record in respect of all and any Charges due and ow ing in terms of the Agreement by the Subscriber to Telkom. The in voice will at the Subscriber’s election be sent by electronic means (email/MMS/etc email at no charge to the customer or by mail which may attract reasonable additional charges.”


  • Upon me calling Telkom I was told over the phone that I had an outstanding amount of 600 rands (300 rands per account for August and September)  
  • I am still and have been contesting and disputing the 605,40 rands fees since the initial call and emails that I have sent to the Telkom consultant that was assisting me (I have keep all the wrong monthly statements received directly from Telkom and the emails sent to the Telkom agent for future reference)
  • I asked to speak to a manager for which I waited 30 mins on the line in September 2018: I am still waiting 2 months later. This is a total shame



  • On the 24th of September 2018, I ordered a phone as there was no stock in store, to be collected on the 27th of September 2018
  • On the 27th of September 2018, I received an SMS to tell me to collect my new phone from Tygervalley Mall Telkom Store
  • At the Tygervalley Mall Telkom Store, my phone was literally given away to a walk-in customer that never booked anything as I was in the queue: ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC
  • I was just given an apology and sent to another store after queuing for 40 mins for nothing.
  • On the 27th of September 2018, I had to drive all the way from the Tygervalley Mall Telkom Store, to the Telkom Store in Cape Gate in order to purchase my phone and convert my existing FreeMe month to month 99rands 1G into a 24 months FreeMee 99 rands contract.
      • During the purchase process I HAVE BEEN MISLEAD BY THE SALES PERSON who told me that I would not pay the full price for the month of September because we were only 4 days away from October and because we missed the billing cycle.
      • During the purchase process, I HAVE BEEN MISLEAD BY THE SALES PERSON who told me that for the month of October 2018, I would have to pay the monthly subscription fee of 349 rands plus the pro-rata for the 4 days of September  2018 that THE SALES PERSON CALCULATED IN FRONT OF ME.


  • On the 27th of September 2018, because I was happy about the pro-rata and about the monthly subscription fee for my plan and happy about my phone device I decided to convert the second FreeMe month to month 99rands 1G into a 24 months FreeMee 99 rands contract for the same device for my business partner.


  • Again, on the 27th of September 2018, I had to drive all the way from the Telkom Store in Cape Gate to Telkom Store at N1 City due to limited stock at the Telkom Store in Cape Gate
  • Again, on the 27th of September 2018, at the Telkom Store in Cape Gate, during the purchase process, I HAVE BEEN MISLEAD BY THE SALES PERSON who told me that for the month of October 2018, I would have to pay the monthly subscription fee of 349 rands plus the pro-rata for the 4 days of September that THE SALES PERSON CALCULATED IN FRONT OF ME.



  • I have not received any monthly statement for the month of September 2018
  • I have received a monthly statement for the month of October 2018 that was including the full amount for the month of September 2018 instead of the pro-rata amount for the 4 days of September 2018, AS PER TOLD BY BOTH SALES STAFF FROM TELKOM CAPE GATE AND TELKOM N1 CITY.
  • I have immediately contacted Telkom customer service after receiving my Monthly statement for the month of October 2018 to contest the overfilling for the month of September 2018, (for which I kept the reference call number) and I was told twice to freeze my payments until the matter would be resolved
  • I have been given several case numbers for which, all the time, I was told that my issue would be resolved within 72 hours.
  • For every call and case I have logged, 4 days later, I would receive an SMS saying that the case was resolved as if NO ONE IN TELKOM WAS PAYING ATTENTION TO THE ISSUE AND TRYING TO SORT IT OUT, JUST PRESSING BUTTONS TO MAKE THE LOG DISAPPEAR.



- On the 12th of November 2018 I called again (21th time in 2 months, 5 full days totally wasted over the phone for nothing) to request the intervention of a manager and an update as I was waiting to make payments

  • On the 12th of November 2018, I was told not to make payment until the case was handled on Friday the 16th of November (reference call number kept for future reference) because the Telkom agent told me that my case was still queuing and that an escalation note was added.
  • Friday the 16th of November 2018, I received no feedback, no emails, no communication whatsoever



  • To top off the entire fiasco, TELKOM is now using this block as a leverage to force me to pay all the incorrect amounts for me to get my business phone unblocked:
      • First disputed amount R 605,40: unjustified penalty fee
      • Second disputed amount R 434,00: unjustified month subscription fee instead of the 4 days pro-rata which should be only R 66,00
  • Today the 21st of November 2018, I have spent 5hours over the phone to be told that another case was created and that I was not even able to speak to a manager.





  • I need a manager with strong business ethics and good moral values to look over this case and allow me to pay immediately R 1688,00 for both my business phones for the month of September and October so that I can also pay for the bill of November coming next week AND HAVE MY PHONES UNBLOCKED IMMEDIATLY
  • The reason why I am not paying yet is because I was told in the first place by a Telkom agent, repeated to me today, that I should wait until the matter is resolved, and that a note would be put on my account not to be suspended until the matter is resolved BUT, now I am sitting with one blocked phone and potentially another Blocked phone before this matter is even sorted out.


My overall experience so far with Telkom is that I would not recommend ANY of the Telkom services to anyone, even to my worst enemies. I am absolutely disgusted, I am feeling insulted and abused permanently. Telkom is organised in a way that Billing, Customer Service and Technical Support are totally isolated from one another so that the client always gets screwed.



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Hi @MichelleBL


So sorry to hear what’s happening to you. Unfortunately Telkom won’t attend your forum post,  and we can’t help as we’re customers in the community. ( no other links to Telkom) 


Agree wholeheartedly re. all seems well until issues arise involving different Telkom departments. Most support agents did their best to help us with issues last year but they’re stymied by the lack of decent system interfacing between divisions. 


Our issues were eventually sorted out last year after we messaged Telkom media support teams, but as it sounds like you’ve already tried every avenue do give this a try - submit a detailed complaint to ICASA - have seen that route often gets good results:-   http://www.icasa.org.za 


To that end - some snips here you might find useful :- 



This section sets out how you the Subscriber can contact Telkom Mobile for assistance and how you must lodge a complaint, should one arise. 

  • 10.1  Telkom Mobile provides customer care to all Subscribers during office hours , excluding times when it is unable to assist due to reasons beyond its reasonable control.
  • 10.2  The Subscriber must, once it experiences any trouble with any of the Selected Mobile Goods and/or Selected Mobile Services bring the suspected problem to Telkom Mobile’s attention by contacting the relevant customer care office at the number listed on the Telkom Mobile Monthly invoice and website. The suspected problem will then be logged and detailed, and the Subscriber will be provided with a reference number.
  • 10.3  Telkom Mobile will use its best endeavours to attend to the complaint as soon as possible, which depending on the complexity and nature of the suspected problem, as logged, as well as resource/manpower availability, but subject always to the minimum service standards set out under the Minimum Service Standards.



10.4 Where a Subscriber is of the view that the matter has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the Subscriber, the Subscriber will have the right to elevate the matter to the Authority, which can be done by contacting either: 

  • 10.4.1  the complaints website http://www.icasa.org.za and selecting the tab “complaints” or
  • 10.4.2  by email at consumers@icasa.org.za

10.5 The above rights set out under clauses 10.1 to 10.4 is without prejudice to both Parties’ respective rights to pursue a complaint or action in any other forum which has jurisdiction over the matter including the rights to submit the complaint, dispute or action to the National Consumer Commission or to arbitration. 


^^^ I hope this is useful.  Best of  luck - please let us know what happens.


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