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ADSL down continually


I have 5 Telkom accounts in town. Since 06 December 2015 we have had the ADSL go down for hours each day. Sometimes for DAYS. As I type this, I am using my Vodacom contract to connect to the internet. I have logged over 50 faults in the last 2 months. When I call Telkom they tell me the exchange is down. When I ask them what the problem is, they say they are sending a technician. It will return later that day, or the next daay, then when it goes down again a few hours later, they give me the same answer. Like today I asked for an update on the fault and they said a Technician fixed the problem on Wednesday. But I said it's not fixed, we DOWN. They agreed we are down now, but we were up yesterday so it's a new fault, and telkom will dispatch a technician. This goes on and on like this. So telkom, although they acknowledge have DAILY failures in the area, don't see this as a problem and view the occurances as seperate cases. I am paying for 100G data at 10M speed at my business address, but have had less than 5 full working days in January - you can tell from my usage tracker as I've only used 25G of the usual 80G I use. On the other hand, my Vodacom data, which I only have a small 50Mb data bundle on, has reached 30G... How do I get someone at Telkom to resolve this? Or at least to acknowledge that if the Exchange is down EVERY DAY since 06 December then there is a problem...!!!!

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Re: ADSL down continually

Our internet went down on Sunday again. So I reported the faults. On one account the sms system worked well as always and got a new fault reference, on the other account number it said that there was a fault open already.

This monrning the internet came back at around 8am and now is down since 9am. I been on hold for 18min to 10217 and gust listening to the Telkom music and they keep telling me to ASK at community.co.za... Who do I ask here. Is there a different number I can call to find out what's going on...???

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