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Account STILL not Active due to a Telkom IT System Problem

I have been struggling now with Telkom for over a Month now after been given the incorrect information about having to close my current account and saying we have to open a new account, I waited for the technician to come out and my number was changed. I then waited the 7 Days told to me and after that all the problems began, they told me the technicians Job was still not closed on the system then moved onto there is a system problem on Telkom's side and that's why the account even though all steps have been completed is still able to be activated. I have now been waiting for over a Month for my services to go active and everytime I call they esacalate the fault to Management and IT department but nothing ever happens and they dont call me back I never hear anything unless I call, and then its the same thing everytime, I will escalate to my manager and get IT to resolve the problem because they cannot just activate my account the IT department has to fix it, well It has now been over a month and IT still has not addressed the error and my line is still not active.

But they have already started sending me Invoices for service charges for current period but I have no Internet and my account is not active, how do you explain that one TELKOM.

I am now at the point of cancelling because I just dont know how else this can be resolved, i might never have internet going on this way, hopefully someone at Telkom will help me on this case because I have no other method of resolving.

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