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Awful service for months

It has been five months 


We use Telkom services to Skype and such overseas for business and were promised that we will receive a wireless alternative because of the copper theft in the area. We were told we will receive our router within 7-21 working days. 


We waited the whole 21 days and no confirmation or anything of the sort. We have been phoning in over and over for the past five months and we still haven't heard a thing at all. There is no department which can manage to atleast tell me if there is going to be an alternative coming my way. 


The one department that works very efficiently I must say are the accounts department which notify us that our account is due on such a date every month,although we receive no service we pay every month on time in good faith and still nothing  at all. 


I feel very much cheated if not robbed of the service which we have been paying for which is an amount of R1400.00 monthly.


Please I need to know what we can do because we can't keep conducting our business in such a way as we are losing a lot of clients.


Reference no: 26CNK050519






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