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Business Productivity for Startup

Richer choice with Telkom

Why telkom is the best choice for startup companies.



Over the years my team and I have been looking on the internet for solutions increase productivity in the office for our small company BD Group what we discovered is that there are few companies that open doors in the country for premium services to SME's in the country that small startups can actually benefit from.



We discovered the basics that every office needs still the same:


  1. Telephone
  2. Fax line
  3. Email
  4. Internet
  5. Website



Telkom provides these and more for every small business startup owner to use, We had a goal to go corporate all the way, with secure computing, mail protection and reliable internet. Every business has challenges soon realised we had to drop fax because it's outdated focused more on the telephone, email and internet. Hence many companies go digital. The aim was to reduce as much costs as possible but our focus was more like this.



Case: Quality work is expensive and slower to implement.


Our biggest challenge was that we could not opt for quick solutions that would cause our small business to accumulate tech debt, which result in many things not getting done, We know this because anything needed that fast is not going to do more good than the harm and problems will be greater. Telkom offers internet that is stable and grade higher than any other ISP in the country with its proven track record over the years. Connecting your business requires a good provider.



Case: Why Cheaper Internet speeds costs you money.


When running a company you need atleast 8mb or more line speed if not Fixed LTE-A to keep the staff connected and downloading all the email attachments. Premium support is needed to avoid technical issues and downtimes. There are other providers out there but Telkom again has services already, so getting your ADSL from company A and Data from company B will cause lot's of confusion. avoid this at all costs to make it easier to get support less pain and more business.









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