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Call divert

Good day


How do i davert my landline to my cell, please help

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Re: Call divert

Hi @Rene2


Telkom will arrange it for you -  just check first what call rates they’re  likely to charge for the diverted calls to avoid any bill shocks later.


here’s their website link :- 

How do I activate Call Forward?

This should be activated by default (to your voicemail inbox). If you would like to forward your calls to another number, please talk to us and we will set it up for you. This service is charged according to your package rates.



Hope this helps. 

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Re: Call divert

TELKOM NOTORIOUSLY FAMOUS FOR THE POOR SERVICE. The problem comes in when you first need to call telkom for subscription form to activate before you can do anything. I've called and requested x7 since April  Nothing. Solution - make the form available for download  

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Re: Call divert

[ Edited ]

Hi @Mar


Sorry to see this happening to you,  but we’re customers in the forum - only Telkom can attend service issues on their support channels :- Telkom Service Channels: How to get Help


You've had no joy from their call centres so message an urgent complaint to a Telkom media team (below) & email a copy to support@telkom.co.za for decent feedback and results:- 


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Hope this helps - good luck.

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