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Cancellation stuck with Back Office IT

Cancellation number: 3228203 open for 2 weeks now.

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Re: Cancellation stuck with Back Office IT

Dear Sir/Madam

Acc No 359901855227

I have been trying to cancell this services (Landline/WIFI) since 23/04/18 by sending emails to the details giveen to me by your Clearwater branch.

Send to your e mail - cancellations@telkom.co.za on form V150917 Consumer Request for Contract and Services Cancellations.

I have tried on a number of occasions to send this e mail and got the responce "Delivery has Failed" and i have proof of this.

I then went back to your Clearwater branch to assist me with the cancellation and was informed by them that this service has een cancelled.

A week later I went back to check if the services has been cancelled and was in formed by your representative that it is still active, again i requested their assistance to cancell and again they informed that this time it is cancelled.

A week later i went back to your Clearwater branch to confirm that cancellation is registered on your system and your people ASSURED me that this service have been cancelled. Your branch also assured me that the cancellation fomr has been send with the request to cancell.

On the 08/05/18 i received a reference number via SMS, Ref No 876989.  This to me was proof that finally i have succeded to cancell this service.

Yesterday i received a call from a 021 number that i though would still reflect on my cell today but it has disapeared??????. This call was from a lady called Shania that informed me that the service has not been cancelled.

I asked if the call is being recored as need proof of this discussion and she informed that the call is not recorded and i informed her that i will recored to call for future reference and she very rudely in formed me that she will not talk to me, i did not record the conversation however at the end i infomed her that the conversation was recored and slamed the phone dome and would not respond to my return calls.

This morning i received an invoice from Telkom dated 12 June 18.

Is there someone/anyone in  the Telkom organization that can inform me the process of cancellation.



083 411 3291



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Re: Cancellation stuck with Back Office IT

I seem to have the same problem

2:29:28 PM You: I have 3 services that I requested to be cancelled on the 28th of May with 3 referance numbes
2:29:52 PM You: I have no communicartion that these service will be cancelled at the end of june
2:29:58 PM You: What is going on
2:30:08 PM You: 23506601
2:30:14 PM You: 23507359
2:30:27 PM You: 23507227

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Re: Cancellation stuck with Back Office IT

I have the exact same problem?  I have now received a letter of demand?

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