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Cancelled 6,5 months ago! Sent docs 18 times - still nothing

Telkom - it is now 6,5 months (ie.193 days) since we sent you  cancellation documents - which were acknowledged as received by you - and we are still waiting for a cancellation of the account and the transfer of email addresses on ph no. 012 667 6223 of 2B Business Solutions (formerly called 2B Online cc).

I HAVE mailed Lebo at the Special Forces ALL the details - more than six weeks ago and again a week ago! (After 17 previous mails to various Telkom call centres and departments - each time saying the same thing and STARTING ALL OVER AGAIN FROM THE BEGINNING!)

Then at the beginning of December I was once again assured that this matter had been "escalated". (Don't ask me where these matters get escalated to - it seems to be straight into file 13!) Last week I was asked by the same lady to start all over from scratch and send all the documents AGAIN!

Once again I have still have HEARD NOTHING. AND we still do NOT have even a reference number!

Please follow up and get back to me on the contact number or email that I signed up for this community.



- Why is something as simple as cancelling an account such a MISSION? (I was told that it would not take longer than four weeks.)

- Why am I never given a reference number?

- Why is the documentation that I send through (EACH TIME I make contact with Telkom), never attached to the Customer Query in the system so that the person I managed to - eventually - contact can see immediately what the issue is and what has been done about it?

- Why is it that we can never contact the same person as previously to try to follow through with one person? (Or at least a departmental email address.)

- Why is it that every time that we contact you that we have to start all over again from the beginning? That we have to send the SAME letter over and over again?

- Why is it that the SALES call centres are now trying to handle queries as well? (That is NOT their jobs.)

- Why is it that every time that we are told that the 'matter has been escalated' we NEVER HEAR ANOTHER THING! We have been told more than a dozen times now that it has been 'escalated'? (Escalated into a black hole I think....)

- Why is it that Telkom is really quick to blacklist customers who 'do not pay' for an account that was CANCELLED MONTHS previously? (That is actually FRAUD - making consumers pay/bear liability for an account which they do not need, do not want and do not use and which has formally been cancelled.)

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