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Cannot amend hunting group.

I am trying to have an adjustment made to my TELKOM hunting group. I have spent half an hour on Telkom Online chat, who could not help me as they cannot deal with Business Customers. They referred me to Telkom Business 10217. After holding for an hour, I was told that they cannot help me either, I should have called Sales on 10213, After ten minutes of holding, they told me that they cannot help me either and that I should call 0860 935 569. It turns out, after speaking to the very patient lady on that number that they are Trudon the publishers of the Yellow and White pages, and that they cannot assist with my hunting group either. She explained that since yesterday Telkom has been giving her number out.

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Re: Cannot amend hunting group.

@Gravmax, your best bet s to try 10217 again, as they are for Business.

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Re: Cannot amend hunting group.

Despite all promises of the Hello Peter Telkom team, we still do not have resolve.

Contact details not amended,

statement sending not amended,

cannot log into My Account.

Hunting group still not working.


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