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Complain about a consultant

Good day 


I would like to complain about the service I received from a consultant by the name of Beverley Dreyer who called me yesterday and she mentioned that I need to pay R700 for a deposit of the package I wanted to take up. She told me that if I don't pay it in two days' time she will cancel my request. Today she gave me a call again asking me why I haven't made the payment as yet when I asked her about the two days she got irritated and hanged up on me.I find unprofessional of her to just hang up and threaten me that she will cancel my request. As I'm running a business we make all our payments once a month so for her to threaten me and be rude to me I didn't appreciate it.As I have received no documentation from Telkom about the package that I will be taking up or the terms and conditions of the contract.


I need someone to please intervene and assists as I need the service from Telkom.

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