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Complaint about Service Delivery



I'm quite frustrated right now, so I will try to be civil. 


In July I asked to cancel my business mobile and LTE line. I was informed I needed to send a letter on headed paper in order to do this. I did so. I was also told it would take 21 days to process. When I followed up one month later I was only then told I needed to complete a cancellation form. So I did this and sent along with my previous headpaper cancellation. I received no response, confirmation or clarification. 

Following up another 21 days later, I spoke to a HendriW1@Telcom.co.za. She seemed helpful. I sent my previous mails to her including the forms and she said she would process it. She didn't.

Only in November, after 3 months, did I speak to Wendy Khanyile who was wonderful. She processed my complaint and within minutes the cancellation was completed. However, I explained that someone had stolen the devices and continued to use them unauthorised. This was the main reason for my urgency to cancel the line. Wendy told me it would take another 21 days, but I would get a refund for any calls after my original cancellation date.

I Just called again today to understand the status and apparently ,it has finally been cancelled as processed by Wendy. When I enquired about the refund I was told to call 081180, but this number doesn't work!! The lady wouldn't even put me through, so I suspect she knew. Now I have no clue who to contact as I'm passed from pillar to post.
How are customers supposed to get things done with such a uselessness and incompetence. It boggles the mind that the country's State Owned Enterprise is in such a shambles. It's actually a disgrace, save people like Wendy who can actually do their job. 
I would very much like my refund and I intend to follow it to the ends of the earth, as I'll be damned if Telkom will get to keep any of my hard earned money.
What must be done now for this refund to be processed? 
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Re: Complaint about Service Delivery

We’ve had a similar situation where we transferred our line & internt when we moved, as we moved towns they gave us another number but never cancelled the old internet service. We had no idea we had to cancel it. This was in Jan 2019, we are still being charged for two internet services! Despite being cancelled on line. I have dozens of correspondence with Telkom logs, incidents, order numbers! Sms’s & emails to date it’s still not sorted. They also owe us money. Good luck

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