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Good day

Kindly assist as I I'm very Unimpressed with the service that I have received as there was a lot of dishonesty, I received a call on the 12.06.2020 where a consultant sold me a 99 data contract I explained to him that I am reluctant because I am in hammankraal and my network coverage is not that nice so he told me all kinds of things and said that if I took that contract everything will be fine so I took it.

On the 24.06.2020 I received a call from Fatima at telkom and told me that the Sim card is in active and they will send me another Sim card so on 01.07.2020 I was busy with exams and could not have coverage so I ended up buying data from another provider so that I can finish my exams. Afterwards I called telkom to explain my predicament and I was on hold for 1hr and the lady who assisted me told me that I have two 99 contracts that I took in June and I was surprised and told her what happened at the moment I have seen that ur consultant don't give a **bleep** about their customers as long as they can close a sale and this has proves it as I was deceived into this so kindly cancell all my June contracts as I do not want them any more and listen to the calls I received to check what we spoke about.
Veronica Buda
Cell no O815058942 or 073 1633 541
Work no 0127271236.

Posts: 3

Re: Dishonesty

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