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FREEme vs BIS in 2019

To kick off the discussion between the leap FREEme telkom's offering of BIS alike services for mobile.

Here are few questions to have in mind:


  1. Is there a possibility of uncapped mobile data even at 3G speeds with single monthly fee?
  2. Will customers ever see fair pricing in data across all provinces instead of having the rich in mind?
  3. Telkom should consider lowering data to enable consumption of streaming services will this benefit you?
  4. Do you go without internet a day?
  5. Why can't we have LIT Email too?
  6. Why is internet cheaper for Social media people only?

Feel free to answer any of the questions NOT all .

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Re: FREEme vs BIS in 2019

Data we can go a day but if we use phones just for calling, internet should be cheaper. important!!

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Re: FREEme vs BIS in 2019

[ Edited ]

Only if something like Jio comes up here.



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