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Fixed line look alike PAIN

I am now PAST the point of being desperate.


My mother were forced into a Fixed line look alike. The call from telkom was received about 3 months ago.  2 Weeks ago, the phone and sim card has been delivered. According to instructions, you just need to get the Phone asembled and wait for the rest. A week later, i visited the telkom branch in Woodlands to check if everything was installed correct as none of the phones in her house was working. Not the old landline and also not the new sim instument. Accroding to the technician, we had to wait 7 days.  On past Saturday I visited the same office just to hear they do not know what is wrong and cannot help me.


I fault was logged on the original fixed line. An sms was received indicating its been resolved.... !!!! ?????? 


I would like to know who tested it as it is far from resolved.


Trying to phone the different numbers available 10210 and 10213 but cannot get joy anywhere as people keep on referring me to some-one else.


My mom is 80. she is on Oxygen. SHE DESPERATLY NEED HER TELEPHONE!!!!

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Re: Fixed line look alike PAIN

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I think you should write a report or a recourse to the administration or the manager of Telkom because it is not normal.


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