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Grow your Business with Telkom FLLA

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Wireless telephony services and technology bridge



Fixed line look alike is VOIP. provides ability to make calls over internet using a regular telephones some routers allow the plugin of an RJ-11 cord of the telephone to the back of the router. If you not using telkom for the VOIP Service here are some tips for you to get started but we at BD Group recommend that you buy this service from telkom to get premium support for your business in order to increase the value of your brand.






  1. Router that supports VOIP.
  2. SIP Account with phone number 086/087 or any number of your choice.
  3. Internet connection.



VOIP Uses less internet and costs nothing with many providers



Telephony services usually have no monthly costs you pay for the calls you make so this is an advantage in order to cut business costs.




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