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Good evening


i am so disappointed to the service being given to me by telkom. its unacceptable and unproffesional in such a way that, i will never again use any of your services. two weeks back i have been calling to assisted with paid up letter all i get is that i must for longer period of time. i need the paid up letter as an like two weeks back. now i am stuck, i real can't do anything and the way i feel under pressure that by end of this week i must have a car at work. why it takes forever for telkom to issue out paid up letter's to the desreving people who have settled their accounts. it real doesnt't make sense to me that you cant make you telkom moblie shops to issue out paid letters if you guys at the head office you can't assist us. telkom is such a useless network company including its management for real.


why a client should wait for weeks to get their paid up letter yet the account has been settled.


can you please assist me with the paid up letter as an like today, i cant wait for another 14 days anymore.

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Dear Sir/Madam



Can you assist us?

Telkom have closed our email act , namely, without any notification or logical reason

The act ceased operating at approx. 8.00 am on Thursday 5 Dec 2019

The payment for services rendered was made on due date


Notwithstanding numerous tel calls from 5 Dec to date, 10 Dec , emails, posting on social media, Telkom, although faithfully promising to resolve have still not resolved the problem

Please advise us as to how a company such as Telkom can merely cancel an email acct?

It is of no use to have a call centre that cannot solve problems and queries



Yours Faithfully

Colin Dagnin


My contact details are

Cell 0836753886

Landline 011-8210890






Dear Mr Maseko


I received a call from presumably one of your assistants this morning at 08h:43. She, like everyone else at Telkom call centre, apologised for the lack of service (which is of absolutely no assistance to me if the matter hasn’t been rectified) and said she would expedite the matter.

I have just called the call centre again at 10h:27 and spoke to Thato who advised that there was an update on the system at 08h:29 that my order is being worked on but that it hasn’t been finalised as, although my service has not been suspended, there is an outstanding amount of R348,72 which has now been paid as per my e-mail at 10h:55 which you have been copied in to.


Mr Maseko, I reiterate that the service offered by Telkom is abysmal. I have heard nothing from your offices since your assistant’s call at 08h:43 this morning and I am obliged to follow the matter up myself with the call centre. You are not taking my request to reinstate my e-mail or offer a stand alone e-mail address seriously.


If SARS imposes penalties on my clients for non-action as you have without notifying me, without my authority and illegally cancelled my e-mail address, can I send these penalties to your office for payment? And who will pay for my professional time wasted on Telkom’s illegal act? You?


I require urgent feedback and action on this matter, Mr Maseko.



Michelle Dagnin



Dear Mr Maseko


My name is Michelle Dagnin and I am a tax attorney, having run my business from home since 1993. I have been a customer of Telkom for well over 30 years and have had my e-mail address for some 26 odd years.


On 20 Nov 2019 my clients advised that they were not receiving my e-mails. I made numerous calls to the Telkom call centre to resolve but to no avail. Although the problem lay squarely at Telkom’s doorstep, it took me some 8 days to resolve at my cost with my IT technician. From 5 December 2019 I am now unable to receive e-mails. I ascertained that Telkom has illegally and without my authorisation cancelled my internet at 08h:39 on 5 December 2019 (pin # 0599076). Over the last 5 days, I have been shunted from pillar to post by your agents who, save for one agent, Nerash Kissoor, have no idea how to assist me in getting my e-mails up and running. Nerash Kissoor captured my order for a stand alone e-mail yesterday under # 408068 and told me it would be dealt with within 2 – 3 hours but that hasn’t happened as apparently Telkom has a “backlog”. I have even resorted to sending a private FaceBook complaint yesterday at 15h:26. In typical Telkom fashion, my message has not even been read as yet. Why even bother to be on FaceBook or any other social media platform?


Mr Maseko, I deal with SARS on a daily basis and Telkom’s sub-standard (no, let me be more accurate, Telkom’s non-existent) service levels have put me under serious pressure, are causing me a huge amount of emotional distress and I am now in a cash flow crisis. I have now exhausted all avenues and am coming to you to as a last resort to fix up your mess!


I will send this e-mail with a delivery receipt only as it serves no purpose in sending a read receipt as I am not receiving e-mails!!!



Michelle Dagnin

Tel: (011) 807 1700/(011) 807 6269

Cell: 082 445 0659





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Re; Billing acc no 0815823478

Too whom it may concern ;

This is of great concern that my debit amount on my wi fi account has been changed without my knowledge and consent. I had an 

agreement with telkom to debit my bank acc. for the amount of r277. and small change But too my shock i see they debit my acc with 

an amount of r480.23 without my consent and my agreed data as per my contract agreement is also not right.Ihope someone in the accounts or billing dep. can assist me in this regard pls . I'm a very unhappy customer and hope this issue can be resolved asap.


Mr N.Pieterson i d no 7002045177085

Phone nr 0730846390


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