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I dont know who to speak to anymore , i've given up completely

To whom it may concern , I would like to start off by saying , in my 20 years being a Telkom customer this has by far been the most disgusting service ever! , firstly , after posting 7 reviews on Hello Peter with no reply , after calling the Call Centre 15 times & after visiting the store 8 times, after receiving endless automated responses on Hello peter with no feedback  , i've had no choice but to come here , I recently decided to switch my ADSL over from Telkom to Mweb, i called the Call centre and one of the agents explained to me that i would need to put my line into a "Wholesale Holding pool" so i told her it was fine and she had no clue as to what she was doing so she then cancelled the line completely, she then said she was sorry but she would now activate the line and within 48 hours i will receive an sms saying its been activated , so angry enough i said go ahead , i then waited 48 hours , after 48 hours i didn't receive anything so i then went to the store and they advised me to wait for 7 days , i waited 7 days thereafter i  received an sms saying my line is activated ,i then went into the store and filled out the application for my Line to be put into a holding pool , they then advised me it's going to take 21 days , Last week thursday 8th June 2017 was 21 days and when i did a follow up at the store , they then advised me they faxed the Application form to the incorrect department and insisted it is not their fault , If you give someone your word you have to stick to it regardless, The manager of the store then took over and said hes going to handle it, but how long more do i wait to use Internet? i mean really , this is disgusting Telkom , get your act together, I work from home and i've been using public wifi and its been really difficult for me , its been more than 1 & a half months , please help! 

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