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IMPOSSIBLE to Cancel Telkom Business Services

We are feddup with Telkom who makes it physically impossible to cancel business services. We work hard for our money and will not allow them to steal from us any longer. Our business has literally been trying to cancel unused Telkom Mobile simcards for more than 2 years.  We have been to the Telkom Branch numerous times. They are unwilling to assist and keep sending us to the mobile department. The mobile department sends us back to the business department. They make it as hard as possible for clients to cancel to try and extort money for as long as possible.


If you try and cancel a Telkom service in the branch they tell you the only way to cancel is to send emails to various different addresses. Telkom conveniently can’t submit any service cancellation requests in a physical Telkom store. Big surprise, they do not respond to cancellation emails. We have a list of countless emails sent to every imaginable department. However, Telkom gladly debits our business account every month. This is physically stealing and should not be allowed by law.


I am about to go to ICASA with all my proof. If there are any other people who are struggling to cancel Telkom services due to their very flawed process and incompetence, feel free to get in touch with me on this thread. I will combine as many people’s complaints into one massive report and submit to all regulatory authorities. Finding people does not seem to be very hard as there are 1000's of people with the same issue

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Re: IMPOSSIBLE to Cancel Telkom Business Services

Hi there,

I'd love to join the train on brining Telkom down. Absolute HORRENDOUS service, and also cannot cancel my mobile account. 



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Re: IMPOSSIBLE to Cancel Telkom Business Services

This makes me super worried - I have left the country and keep getting billed. Can't find a number to call internationally..... any ideas?? 

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Re: IMPOSSIBLE to Cancel Telkom Business Services

We are in exactly the same position the public at large should know that Telkom do not care what so ever and we will use every avenue at our disposal to expose their lack of care and to treat customers fairly . There is no channels available to lodge and or resolve problems and all existing customers must please take note of this. We were without services for 7 weeks and this impacted severely on our business and now that we want to cancel our sevices its practically impossible.

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Re: IMPOSSIBLE to Cancel Telkom Business Services

I have the same problem. 


I cancelled my service (or so I thought) in May this year and every month the debit goes off.  I have reversed the last 3 payments and am now receiving sms's threatening legal action.  Every time I phone I get another reference number and am told it is all done.


Unfortunately going legal will only cost huge money?


Has anyone found any other route?

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