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Increase your internet speed with this cool trick

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Tested methods of properly configuring a router for best speeds

Internet speeds upto 40mbps/download and 20mbps/upload

Use special APN for increasing your home wifi, ADSL power settings to help avoid changing to FIBRE


We all tired of slow internet connection, telkom business users get faster speeds

avoid exchange issues.


Never phone support ever again by using simple trick to ensure router keeps same download rate,

Telkom will never throttle your speed, the unlimited APN is here to ensure unshaped unparalled download speeds

connect many devices without loosing transfer rate, enjoy high internet speed forever with router configuration that works all the time without you having to worry about VPN's.


Get faster connection speeds, contact me for assistance on how to setup your router the only correct way. 

Everyone likes this because it gives you peace of mind, you will like it also and find no reason not to like and give thumbs up!.

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