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Integrated Data Setup


Since December 2015 we have been having issues with our fixed line - ADSL from Telkom. The fault is the Telkom Exchange which Telkom are looking into. (Long storey)

Telkom have offered as a solution, which is a brillient one, to get us a SIM card, which when using a dongle, you can connect to your ADSL router, so when the land line based ADSL is down, it automatically switches over to the wireless connection of mobile, through the SIM.

The great thing here too is that the data used through both, is through your existing account, so you don't have to have a seperate mobile and land line contract. So your existing data package is "linked" to both... AWESOME... the SIM is free... Smiley Happy

As we have exceptionally good ADSL speed, as well as high speed cell coverage, this is brillient solution... BUT what you need to know as the user, that @Telkom doesn't tell you is... @NC

(Especailly for @charlesmeyer and @UncaPaul)

When you recieve your sim (I got it couriered) it has not been activated.

You need to wait 24hrs before calling as Telkom have to recieve confrmation from the courier that you recieved the SIM. I pressume if you collect it from a store, this is not an issue.

Once the SIM is activated, you still need to get the SIM linked to your data package.

So avoid what happened to me today, as when I set up the SIM through the D-link DWR 730 modem Telkom provided me, having connected it to my Laptop by USB, it wasn't connecting.

I called 081180 who after about 2 minutes said they can't help with Integrated Services, it's Telkom Internet on 10210... after being on hold for 10min (standard wait there) they said they can't help with mobile stuff, and put me through to Technical Department... they can't help becasue I didn't know the Telkom SIM number. I had the ICCD code, but only Telkom Mobile help with that. So I had to call Telkom Mobile back and ask them for the number, which I now have. I then called 10210 again (another 12min wait on hold) and this time they told me it's a business account, I must call 10217, another 15min wait, only to be told it's integrated services which they can't help with, and put me back to Technical... ANYWAY, after 10min with a call agent convincing them I have set up the Modem already and it's set up right, they put me through to a supervisor, who after doing all the setup AGAIN, checked and noted that Telkom had not LINKED my ADSL account, to the SIM, something they have to do in the back office. Takes up to 48 hours he said.

I asked about then connecting the D-link they sent me to the Router I have, once this is done, and he said you can't, the D-link sent to me is a MODEM, you must get a DONGLE. There is a difference.

Check the internet for the devices that are compatible to your existing router. Buy the dongle that will work with your router. Use the modem if you going to go MOBILE (away from your office).

I need the DONGLE to remian with the ADSL in store as I have a fixed IP network with multiple PC's connecting to the internet so it doesn't help to only connect my laptop when the ADSL is down, so the MOBILE modem option won't work for me.


So be aware... when going integrated

Get the SIM activated first - expect 24hours at least.

Get the MOBILE number that is linked to the SIM

Then wait 48 hours before following up with the ADSL division

Make sure to tell them it's an INTEGRATED service so they don't send you back to mobile

Ask them to check if the DATA is LINKED for the SIM to you current package

If you connect only a few PC's or Laptops in a close area, you can use a MODEM style SIM connector

If you want a fail over system on your existing router, you need a COMPATIBLE DONGLE to the router.


I'm not fully set up yet, will update here when I am in case I learn something new...



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Re: Integrated Data Setup

Hi I suppose for a 1st install , you kinda dropped in the deep end. So step by step 1. receive sim (If the sim is a full sized one usually , I know MTN and cell C do the sim has breakouts to even a micro-sim, like the one the IPhone 5-6s use) put the sim in any phone that it fits and activate it that way. 2.Always make sure that the 3g Router you get has an integrated sim module. (dongles have a c r a p antenna. you need a router with an external antenna, huwaei make them even for LTE) 3. then after the sim is activated, even try to use the browser on the phone 4. if the browser doesn't work , make sure the APN is correct (read the manual) 5. then insert it into the 3g or LTE router. 6.access the router via your wireless or PC and go to the built in WEB Server or or are the common ones, having made sure your network adapter is set for automatically finding a IP address and finding a DNS server. 7 Browse the web Regards UncaPaul
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Re: Integrated Data Setup

@NCC This whole saga has created a neccesary project to create a facility for the use of the available option to have fail over, on the primary router with an automatic option for failure of the main link, ADSL  to 3G backup. And Telkom wasnt even aware of this option on the routers they supply.!!!!!. So Telkom please do not sell ADSL/VDSL/FTTH Routers without this backup usb feature. A suggestion I would like to make is that Telkom as part of the router package they include a USB modem and sim and instructions etc. etc. This will get rid of tons of frustrations users have when using ADSL etc. for business especially. If this had been marketed as a feauture @NCC @charlesmeyer would not have been so very frutrated and being shouted at by customer,MP's (Memebers of Paliament) that have businesses and tons of emails to process. Thanks to @NC @NCC and others spending hours blogging and trying to get things happening.


@NCC See below contact info for D-LINK South Africa.

Sarel Naudé

D-Link Africa | Support Engineer

E-mail: | E-mail Support: | Direct Number: 012 741 2000

URL: | FTP: (Download Drivers and Firmware here).

Business Hours: Monday-Friday 08:30 – 16:30 | After Hour Support: Monday-Sunday 08:00 – 21:00



I endeavor to assist in application of Computer technology where ever I can assist.
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Re: Integrated Data Setup

SIM still not connected to my existing account so although registered, it has no data.

We have no ADSL AGAIN today - the Telkom Exchange is down again today.

So using my Vodacom Cell as a wifi zone for my laptop as fail over for the failing Telkom Fail over, on the ADSL which has failed.

Lot's of fail, very little success.

Thanks for the shortened process version in your reply, but when @Telkom haven't done their bit, like they said they would last week. Nothing much I can do, but wait... normal storey with @NC and his team...

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Re: Integrated Data Setup

F&$%#%ing @Telkom this is now BEYOND a JOKE---

SERIOUSLY - I call 081180 and ask for a status update on the linking of my SIM to my existing DATA account.

They say it's an ADSL technical department that does that, call 10217, which I do.

The guy there after explaining myself for 10minutes eventually says I should have called 10210 option 3, but to help me out, he will transfer me so I don't have to wait.

So he puts me through to somewhere that keeps asking me for my unique pin code. What that is I have no idea. So after 3 failed attempts at a pin number, it hangs up on me.

So I call 10210 option 3 myself and they say they are residential accounts, was my line disconnected... for F*&#%'s sakes, when did I say my line was disconnected. They say call 081180 - what a joke.

THen I try 10217 option 1 and they say that I need to speak to someone in the integration department, but there is no-one available. But to help me, what is my landline number - so I give it to here. She says, BUT sir your line isn't working at the moment, that's why you have no interent. I nearly swore at her... I said THAT'S WHY I need my SIM to be INTEGRATED with my existing DATA bundle... She says but the MOBILE department are meant to do that on ACTIVATION.


So I go BACK to mobile and say I need my SIM to be INTEGRATED to my ADSL data... he asks what is INTEGRATION... So I explain it. He asks for my cell number, I provide it. He says the SIM is active. I say YES, I know, it was activated last week on the 11th. He asks, is it not working. NO I say. He says, have you set it up using the manual. YES, I say, we checked that last week, and earlier today, it's all CORRECT, but the SIM has no DATA, as it's not INTEGRATED to my ADSL package. He says, he's MOBILE, not ADSL, he doesn't have access to link the sim. I must call 10210 or 10217----

SKREW ALL OF YOU AT TELKOM - you insult me like this!!!! So you SWEAR at me, I'll swear at you- I don't have the F&^%#$ing time for your games anymore... you clearly DON'T want my business, I have BEGGED and TRIED now for HOW LONG... REALLY - even you Mr @NC must admit this is beyond a joke....

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Re: Integrated Data Setup

This is a ####### joke. Thanks for the solution. Might actually have internet for more time than I don't every month. We should start our own forum for when this one gets taken down.
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Re: Integrated Data Setup

Hi there. Did u manage to get the sim to work? I received my package yesterday via courier n i did the setup on pc now my router jus says searching since yesterday. Its now 24hrs n still searching. I went to telkom store tis morning dey cant help me. They not sure if sim is rica so she emailed the person dat posted me the package my ID. Not sure wats ahead of me. Wanted to know ur progress?
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Re: Integrated Data Setup

Hi all

I have the same issues - no adsl then told to use the intedrated service. I can link it up to my uncapped plan and away we go no more issues! 

I go through the effort of RICA etc and spend R1200 - on a new dongle!!

After using the intergrated sim for 2 fabulous hours ( ie super fast internet) then NOTHING ... I have been on the phone AGAIN .... I have now been told that it is a capped system and on a 2 meg line you only reveive 2 gigs of data!!!!

WTF is the point of that how can this be a fail safe when you only get 1 gig??? I am uncapped for a reason!?


Can any one provide clarity in this regard?

Am I missing some thing?

I see mention of a wallet of sorts..... am i supposed to load data?


BTW they have entually found an error on my adsl line!!

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Re: Integrated Data Setup

@candice capped does seem to be limited per day. The point is you basically getting that free. Try paying for that amount of mobile data any where else. You will pay a fortune.

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Re: Integrated Data Setup


I am experiencing the same problem with my ADSL being more down than working.  Also got the integrated sim card, was activated in store but nobody seems to know how to help me to set it up.  Is there anybody who can assist me please?  You are welcome to e-mail me on


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