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Re: Integrated Data Setup


I am experiencing the same problem and nobody at the ADSL call centre seems to know how to set it up and I am constantly being transferred back and forth.

Is there somebody that can please help me setting it up?  My ADSL line is 99% of the time.  You are welcome to contact me via

Thanks a lot.

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Re: Integrated Data Setup

Hi there - I picked up a SIM on Saturday, my line is also down for a week. Problem is even LTE is pathetic even though the map says where I live should have proper access. Anyhoo - what kind of help do you need?

1. Did you put the sim in a dongle and plug it into your router?

2. When you picked up the SIM, were you given a number for the SIM and asked your for your landline number (not important, just want to determine if they connected the SIM to your ADSL account)

3. If you did the above, is the internet line not flashing blue on your router?

4. Did you go to on your browser to set the APN to TelkomInternet? On my Huawei router it was set to internet by default and needed to be changed to TelkomInternet. I would give you full instructions except i cut up my sim so it would fit into my tablet to check the speed (and it still sucks) .... but it is somewhere under BASIC->WAN i think! There will be two entries there and you need to click on one that says INTERNET_R_, look for APN and change it to TelkomInternet. ... trying to find these instructions online again. will post as soon as I find it.


good luck - let me know if you need any more help.

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Re: Integrated Data Setup

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Re: Integrated Data Setup


A lady at our local TELKOM shop in the mall close to our house helped me.

She issued the SIM, and all the necessary. (RICA, activate etc).

Less than 24 hours later, the card is working.


I actually got my Integrated SIM to work on my SAMSUNG mobile phone.


After calling and being transferred between many TELKOM divisions, and still no help, I started over myself.


This is what I have found.


I followed the instructions for ANDROID, p8.

Initially I made a mistake by filling in more than necessary.


On a SAMSUNG phone, do as follow:

Swipe down on the TOP of your screen.

Enlarge to see all.

Keep your finger at least 2 seconds on MOBILE DATA.


Open Acess Point Names.

Click left below on the phone to open and select NEW APN.

Select NAME and enter TelkomInternet.

Select APN and enter TelkomInternet.

Do not enter anything else.

Click left below on the phone again and select SAVE.


Now go back to APN's, and select TelkomInternet. (Green dot next to it)

Note, do not select TelkomSA internet.


Now make sure your MOBILE DATE is ON.

Connect your laptop, TAB etc to your phone by making the phone a wifi hotspot.


Hope this help.

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Re: Integrated Data Setup

I am having the same run around for over a week now. From technical to sales and vice versa a dozen times now....

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Re: Integrated Data Setup



I short circuited this process by going directly into a Telkom store.  Everything worked 100% save for the APN setup on the modem - had to call the Call Centre 10210 (...and the wait) but eventually got it going.  What a pleasure!

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