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It's 100% Impossible to Cancel Telkom Business Services. Telkom is a Scam!

I have expereince, trying to cancel a Telkom account is literally harder than climbing a soapy tile wall. They have the best thought out scam I have seen in my life. Read below and decide for yourself.

I have a business and thus have multiple lines with Telkom. Due to various reasons, our business has been trying to cancel about 5 lines, some for more than a year.  To this day, they are still deducting money from our account and nobody at Helkom seems to care. We have done everything they asked for many times. We have completed and emailed forms, went to a branch, phoned them. Yet, just wait for the end of the month. Telkom simply ignores ALL cancellation requests and literally steal our money.

Firstly, I have been to the branch multiple times. Trust me, this does not help. I was told more than once that the ONLY way to cancel is to send an email to their cancelations department. After explaining that I have done this, I was told there is no other way, try again. Guess what, that cancellation department simply does not respond. Nothing. Not a receipt of email, nothing. I have sent to probably 5 different email addresses, yet they never receive the email with the form. So basically, you can’t cancel a Telkom account. You will take your last Telkom invoice to your grave, and your family will pay for the rest of their lives...

I have then tried to resort to social media. Same story, they give you an email address for the social media complaints department. What a big surprise, they also do not respond either. I have tried Hello Peter. Guess what, same email address as the social team. They do not respond either.

After a lot of frustration and eventually utter desperation, I created an account on their online dashboard on the 5th of May 2018 and found a section where lines can be cancelled online. Although I have been trying for more than a year via email, I assumed this might eventually be the last invoices. Obviously they have been stealing for a very long time and stolen money should be refunded, but at least this could finally come to an end.

After canceling online, I received 5 references from Telkom via email confirming that all these leech Telkom lines have finally been cancelled. Guess what, two months later, I still get billed for those lines. Again, simply disregard the request to cancel, even after they gave e confirmation.

I have phoned Telkom again on the 17th of Match and spoke to a lady Zingiswa Pali in billing. I explained to her and sent her all the original cancelations for the above dating back to January 2017, and another in October and all the references from March. She was shocked and said we will obviously have to receive a refund for all the stolen money as there is clear evidence that it’s physically impossible to get rid of this parasite. She said she needs about 3 days to get everything in order and I can follow up via email.

You guessed right, she does not respond to the follow up messages. I have since email her about +4 times trying to get feedback. Full ignore mode. This is obviously the modus operandi of this entire company and every cancellation option. They literally make it physically impossible to cancel. I have been trying for a very long time and have put in a lot of effort, yet nothing…

I am absolutely shocked that a company like Telkom can get away with this blatant theft. This should be investigated by Carte Blanch. People should be locked up for daylight robbery.
To this day, I am paying for the above lines, I think there is 5 of them.

If this does not seem like a proper scam to you, maybe you should order another Telkom line...

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Re: It's 100% Impossible to Cancel Telkom Business Services. Telkom is a Scam!

While this is not a forum that claims a Telkom presence that can help I can certainly sympathise with you. We see many similar complaints with the standard answer being Twitter or facebook are the escalation paths, looks like you have tried them. We have all probably experienced the timewasting help channels and then things go well for a year or two. Unfortunately everyone that you can contact is dependant on the notorius back-office when even they do not have access to.


I have found the accounts department to be one of the better departments but then that is not Telkom bussiness.


Is there not an ombudsman for this sector who can help?


I hope you do come right. Let us know if you do find something that works.



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Re: It's 100% Impossible to Cancel Telkom Business Services. Telkom is a Scam!

I have to agree - trying to cancel a telkom subscription is virtually impossible. It has taken 4 months of me virtually having a stroke. in the meantime they continue to bill. call centre agents just literally cut you off when they feel they cannot assist.  Online cancellations....technical errors.  In branch consultants say their hands are tied and will escalate.  Guys...please do not subscribe for any telkom contracts...its worse than a scam.

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