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Line down for over a month

This is very poor service from telkom a month now no lines everyday same old sad story technication is to be assigned but no communication from telkom I think we going to port our lines to neotel instead of losing out on business because telkom do not care to give feed back to business clients,




If I do not hear from telkom today we are seriously going to port ourlines including our fax and internet because we can not lose out on business due to telkoms poor service to business clients

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Re: Line down for over a month

i Personoly think it wil be a wise choice to switch internet providers because everyone is having problems and thy just dont care enie more and if everyone is going to switch to new isp thy are going to fall and we can get a new internet provider in there place that is more responsiel and beter whit there clients because thy now we need internet and thy get paid motnhly so why do thy care if u get your service or not

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Re: Line down for over a month

Read my entire message and please talk proper english

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Re: Line down for over a month

Let's be civil here.  This is a peer to peer support network only, so if you need help from us, then you accept the terms that surround that.  If you want to talk to Telkom then you use their service channels.


If there is anything you need help from on the community, then you need to phrase your questions clearly, and give us some background info - we might be able to assist, you will never know until you try.  


Bashing Telkom here doesn't work, they don't respond to provocation, they don't monitor the chats for any threats or warnings that you will go elsewhere, so it is futile to complain - we mostly just try to see if we can fix stuff and ignore the fact that we SHOULD actually get this service from Telkom.  We don't which is why we are all here mostly ....

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