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Line move (please assist)

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Good day, I logged a request on the Telkom website to move my line at the end of last month, using this facility:  https://secureapp.telkom.co.za/move-line/


To date (7 June 2016) I haven't heard from anyone at Telkom.


Today I used the Support Chat facility on the Telkom website - Ms. Triselda Chetty was the agent who was assisting me. She kept stating that I would have to call 10217 since it was a business account. I explained that I cannot call 10217 since i have moved premsies and do not yet have a Telkom line (which is precisely the reason I wanted help). She repeated what she previosly stated and then terminated the chat!


Please help - if anyone from Telkom business is here. I need my line urgently moved to my new premises.

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Re: Line move (please assist)

Hi @rxworx, Our Community is not a Service Channel, so we do not have agents here. It is a peer 2 peer channel. I suggest following up by calling 10217 (Support) and 10213 (Sales) to follow up if that Outdoor Line Xfer order actually went through. You do not need your line to call that number.

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