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Lower Smartbroadband Prices R100 for 10GB.

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Telkom should lower prices for LTE/LTE-A

Competitors offer similar services at much lower rates.


Telkom has 450GB night data for R59 with Mo'Nice great deal but this promotes unhealthy habits leads to poor health and sleep deprivation.


Axxess Provides R219 for 20GB package anytime usage.


Telkom Provides 10GB Day + 10GB Night at R255.


These prices should be regulated, Internet usage is higher during the day that's when consumers need it more.




We hope the company will realise the increase with data usage, High demand of streaming too if Telkom was a political party in need of votes in order to decrease data prices instead of Mo'Nice come and go services they will have my vote. - Goodwish Matyila , Lead Software Engineer at BD Group(Pty) Ltd.

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