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Overcharged since inception of a 24month contract

I ordered a smart office advance which was at R899.00/month when i started a 24 month contract. At present i am paying in excess of R1200/month. after numerous complaints and the call centre unable to assist me i am resorting to the "community". I even tried hello peter but nothing gets done. It is sad that service is non existant at Telkom, that you call a call centre and get transfered to accounts who puts you through to sales and sales puts you through to accounts and so the loop goes. in the 12 months of calling the call centre i found 1 person who understood the issue. Although she could not rectify the problem, we spent 3 hours on the phone working out how much i am being overcharged at which point she escalated my issue only to have it booked off as resolved by some stupid woman who could not understand what the other woman had been working out. Telkom is such a disasterMan Sad


Isnt there a telecom ombusdman i can refer this to or somebody at telkom that can fix this?

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Re: Overcharged since inception of a 24month contract



I am experiencing almost the same problem! Im on a contact and its at 30 of 24 months..... They still charging me for the contract!! I have tried sending email. Forms,, I go to the telkom store and also fill in a form! I am so so so fed up of these money thiefs!! They just out there to steal your money and give you **bleep** service in return! I asked them to cancel my whole account now! I will never ever in my life use telkom again! Going to move EVERYTHING from them!! They are blady **bleep**! Good luck with your situation buddy! 

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Re: Overcharged since inception of a 24month contract

Sorry Dude, I am sure that i am heading in the same direction as you. Im out of options and calling the call centre is a waste of time

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