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Please move my line to new premises



We have been struggeling for weeks to get Telkom to commit to moving our lines to our new premises.


I phoned them at first and they said that I have to speak to my internet service providers.  So I did and they said I have to log it on the Telkom website.  On the website it said that we would be notified in 2 working days.  I never heard a thing.  So I start phoning to see how far the progress is.  They put me through from Residential to Business.  Then from business I had to phone Corporate.  Corporate said they don't know what I'm talking about and that I have to phone warehouse.  Warehouse said that they will phone me back in the same week to schedule a date for moving my lines. 


In the mean time, the business has moved out of the building and into the new one and has been operating for about a month now and STILL NO LINES!  I phoned warehouse again just to be told that they can't help me and I have to phone the Business section AGAIN!  If nobody at Telkom knows who handles my business' lines, why am I paying them each month??? 


Telkom, you are the only service providers in our town.  PLEASE get in contact with me and MOVE THE LINES!



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Re: Please move my line to new premises

Hi. This is not a service channel. The best advise I can give is for you to visit the following link and complete the form. If you have an order number for the line move, then you should contact @HelloTelkom on Twitter or TelkomZA on Facebook. They can look into the delay for you. https://secureapp.telkom.co.za/move-line/
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