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Poor service from Telekom

I have been contacting Telkom since the 28th may and till today they cannot send me my paid up letter even though it appears that I paid the full amount. Every time I call their customer care 081180 and they keep saying it will be forwarded to my email hence they must request it from the from another department and they do not, please assist with the matter. It is costing my credit report as it appears that I still owe telkom. And they say they unable to transfer our calls to that department.
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Re: Poor service from Telekom

I have the same issue. Only my first request was sent in August 2019 & has been 'escalated' 4 times. To date I stil haven't received this letter & have had to beg my landlord to extend my rental agreement as I cannot clear my name without this letter. Empty promises from several of the staff & 2 Team Leaders who assured me that I will get my letter. I am at a loss & don't even know who to turn to at this point except to grab my tent & move into their offices if I am unable to gete a further extension from my landlord.


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